I am available for consultancy and freelancing work. Whether it comes to building your new website (or overhauling your old one), proofing your latest manuscript (or menu), helping you improve your debating skills, providing advice in a range of areas, or much else besides, I offer professional and discrete service with expert care.

I have a range of skills and knowledge acquired through study, both academic and self-directed, and complimented by my professional and life experiences.

If you think I'll be perfect for your job, please email me with details.


I am available to offer advice and technical consultation on a variety of subjects. including: Internet and Web issues; consumer hardware; and other topics. I can provide advice on software and hardware based on a client's current and projected future needs. I can evaluate the differences between two or more options, and provide a recommendation which would include weighing up price, features, requirements (including philosophical, such as should be Free Software/Open Source) and other variables. I am also able to research from scratch various options, before offering a final suggested option. Recommendations come with full explanations, including one or more alternatives, ranked by different variables, such as price/feature ratio.

I'm also able to create and modify websites, WordPress plugins and PHP programs; and provide advice on hosting, and related issues. I can provide assistance or advice to make your website accessible or up-to-date with modern standards. I can also advise on what sort of information should be on your website, depending on your business, and also the platform you should choose for it.

I offer a flat rate of $300 for creating basic ten page WordPress based websites (where you have pre-existing copy – though I can also work with you on this at my usual rate), including selecting hosting, selecting and installing the theme, and adding copy. This would be a perfect first website for a small business wanting to promote their brand, and to offer details about services, and location details. Contact me for details.


I am an expert with communication. I am able to communicate varied concepts to people with various levels of understanding. My experience from living and working around the world has enhanced my ability to work and communicate with individuals from varied backgrounds.

Having lived in five countries (in four different language areas) and visited many more, I am adept at communicating with a diverse set of individuals from various backgrounds, and adapting my style and tone as appropriate. I am politically astute, and can adjust my message depending on the audience.

I am also able to communicate complex technical issues, and to translate (act as an intermediary) between technical teams/individuals and non-technical teams/individuals, so as to reduce misunderstanding and problems.

I am available to proof-read and edit a variety of documents (including essays, grant-applications, project proposals, press releases, tourist information, menus etc.). I am also able to polish draft documents, and to write documents (such as grant-applications, project proposals etc.) given sufficient material on the subject. I am willing to write paid-for reviews under certain conditions (contact me for details).

I can provide advice about website content, and give you a content stragegy. This will involve a discusion about the aim of your website (e.g. to sell a service), and will conclude with me presenting a report explaining areas that I think you could improve, change, or expand upon.


I am a native English speaker with exceptional reading, writing and editing skills. Using these skills I am able to: quickly proof and edit documents; write complex reports or other documents; etc.

I also have a basic level of French and Japanese (including hiragana, katakana and basic kanji).


I am also available for various other types of work. If after looking around my website you think I might be the person you want, get in touch and tell me all about it.


My consultancy fees starts at sixty (60) Australian dollars an hour (plus expenses, if they are not minor, to be discussed in advance). We shall discuss your needs and agree a fee before work commences.

My minimum billing increment is half an hour for most new clients. This will be outlined in our contract which will be signed before work commences. I maybe willing to lower this in exceptional cases.

In the interests of promoting bitcoins (an alternative, non-fiat, decentralised, digital currency), I will also accept bitcoins for most jobs. I may also accept Euros, Japanese Yen, or other stable and widely accepted currencies. Details will be agreed upon before work commences.


All communication is kept confidential, and I ensure your material is safe by using state-of-the-art encryption (both ecryptfs on Linux and TrueCrypt) and by making backups (using Deja Dup, with Duplicity as the backend). I am also more than happy to use encrypted email to ensure extra safety at all stages.

Get in touch

If you need any advice or skills in any of the above areas, or in another area you suspect I would be good at, please get in touch.

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