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The best SEO (search engine optimisation) is having a website that is accessible, usable and useful. If you have good content, that can be accessed by people with a variety of web browsers, screenreaders etc., then that will attract more hits than anything else.

Here's how it goes. Search engines can't execute all that fancy JavaScript1, so if your website requires JavaScript to even see the content, that's bad SEO. Not to mention probably bad accessibility. If you have images instead of text, search engines can't see it. That's bad SEO. Not to mention bad accessibility. (If you have alt text, this is not so much a problem.) If you use Flash at all, search engines will miss all that content. And probably so will everyone with a screenreader ('cause I know you didn't build that Flash in an accessible manner), and definitely everyone who does not have Flash installed (for whatever reason, such as they have an iThing, or just don't like the attack vector).

Moreover, if you have good content, people will link to you. This not only increases the number of people who visit from other sites, because search engines (particularly Google) take into account the number (and type) of in-bound links as well, your good content rises is more likely to be found by a search.

1 or maybe they can, see "Google Bot now crawls arbitrary Javascript sites" and Understanding web pages better.

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