Here I have a few different web programs that I have written. I use PHP in all of them, and MySQL in some of them. Sometimes I use functions, rarely objects. Most of them are available under one of three licences.

You can view most of the files in any of the sub-directories to the main one. This is done using the program Show.

It should be noted that not all these projects are finished or usable.

Functions &c.

I have progressively made things less and less "handcrafted" by introducing functions, reusing files, and generally automatting stuff. Some files that might interest you:

Site & page info (footer)

Mostly handcrafted by Michael, this website was designed to standards, with the highest quality in mind, and in result. The code and content is freely available.

This page is located at http://next-nexus.info/webdev/ and was last modified on 2017-06-24.