Help system for Generic Tables

Welcome to the help system for the generic tables systems. This system is described as:

An Access type front end for MySQL, generic tables, generic fields, generic web forms, mysql front end A database interface creator. An easy to use, web front end to MySQL. With this tool you can easily create a web forms to insert/update/delete data in a MySQL database. A simple tool to insert, edit and delete data in a table in a MySQL database. A free web interface to your MySQL database An easy method to webforms integrated into a database backend. generate web forms web forms It wants to be "idiot-easy form designing" A method of creating tables in a MySQL database, along with forms to add, edit and otherwise manipulate data in those tables. This application allows the administrator to create a table structure in a database (MySQL only at the moment) into which data can be added using forms created on the fly according to the specific structure. It allows the inclusion of HTML field types such as select, text area, and multiple select (no other similar program I have found does this), as well as the ability to force the entry of numbers (as opposed to other characters). The number of "types" can be easily changed by the editing of two files (minimum, depending on requirements, maybe more) (form.php, val.php, dbaccess.php). Can be used to generate forms on the fly.

This help system has system specific information regarding how to use Generic Tables. See also readme.html and devnotes.txt for developer and administrator specific information. Don't bother reading those if you are just entering or viewing data.


Add and edit

URL fields

Only three types of URLs are accepted. Any URL must start with one of, "HTTP://", "HTTPS://" or "FTP://". If the URL does not start with one of these three, "HTTP://" will be prepended (added to the front of) it.

Select fields

Options in the select fields are the only ones that you may choose. This is enforced at the server (backend). It maybe the case that you get a strange error message in certain cases. The most likely reason for this is, the provided options (in the settings file) have been changed after you entered a record, and selected option was removed. You should tell the person who administers the system to not change the options after installation, and then you will have to choose another option.

Changing case

If the setting INCLUDE_CC is set (which it is), you can click on either (C-c) or (c-C) to change the entered information to either all lower case, or all upper case. (Requires JavaScript.)


If the date is unknown, you can set the year, month and day to all zeros. However, if only one, or two of these are unknown, you must set the unknown to "01". (This is the same as in WinEvsys.)

The legal range for the years for each of the date fields is as follows: