Show, a display system

This program will take a file that is specified by a GET request and display it. It has a few nifty features, such as preventing you from seeing files based on particular name, or the contents of the file. To see it in action see it Show it self..

The program has a number of features related to what files are allowed to be viewed, and in what directory. You can, for example, restrict viewing to one (or arbitraryly more) directory and it's subdirectories. You can restrict viewing based on file names, part of file names, or the existence of a certain string in the file.

Present features list for the .9.1 release.

  1. Restricts viewing to a number of arbitrary directories (uses an array).
  2. Make it possible to only view files in the current working directory.
  3. Restricts viewing to a directory, and all sub-directories.
  4. Restricts viewing to an arbitrary number of directories and their sub-directories.
  5. Has an option to highlight PHP.
  6. Detect and refuse to display undisplayable things (such as zip or .tgz archives).
  7. Detect and refuse to display sensitive files based on filenames (such as settings.php)
  8. Detect and refuse to display sensitive files based on "noshow" being at the start of the file
  9. Detect and display files that have 'sensitive' filenames, but that have "doshow" at the start.
  10. Detect images, and display (assuming in a legal directory etc.), or not display (by default).
  11. Detect and refuse to display files based on an inital part of the filename (such as .ht).

Please note that the entire program is "nofollow" and "noindex", i.e. search engines are explicitly told not to index the program, or any links from it. That includes anything it is displaying.

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