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"Generic Tables" is a HTML/CSS based front end to a database program (developed with MySQL), written in PHP. It allows various different types of tables, without having to change the logic or code of the program. It was originally written for HumanRightsTools, where it is used for both post-graduate human rights courses, and short courses in human rights topics.

It provides as much functionality and flexibility as I can think, merely by editing the settings file. (And allows multiple settings files to use the same copy of the program, enabling you to always have an up to date copy for each table.)

It requires PHP and MySQL, with (in the future) certain (non-essential) functionality requiring Apache.

Examples on the web

There are presently three different example tables that can be edited and modified. Each uses a different settings file, but the same code base.

If you need to login at any stage while looking at these examples, use the username "admin" and the password "admin". Once logged in once, so long as you have cookies enabled, you shouldn't need to login again. The login process requires JavaScript (so that the password isn't subject to passive sniffing).

The three examples are:

The links above merely display the tables, a simple addition to the URL will provide administrative links:

This will display an additional column on the left of the table with various options for each record. (If there are not records, then you'll want to add some.

In addition, two other links for each list are worth pointing out. 'export.php' let's you download the entire list in CSV format, and 'help.php' let's you see help with specific information about the table.

In the ordinary course of things you would be required to login to be able to do things. However, that would be a bit restrictive, wouldn't it. Besides, the authentication system isn't meant to be on show here.

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