Designing a house, apartment, or hotel room

These are some design rules that I've developed over the years after staying in various hotels/hostels, and living in various houses and apartments. The deficiencies are many, particularly in older places, but they still persist in new places.

General rules

The kitchen

The bathroom and toilet

Power, insulation, etc.

For a new building, especially for a house, a few solar panels will add little to the total cost (and will often be subsidised). They will add more to the value of the building, than the initial cost. The building then, should be designed to make it easy to add and remove solar panels and a solar hot water heater. As well, the building should be designed to passively cool in the summer, and make the best use of sunlight in the winter (where applicable).

Insulation should be used both for external facing surfaces, and windows should be double (or even triple) glazed. Insulation should also be used between certain internal walls (and ceilings if two or more stories), such as between bedrooms. Having internal insulation reduces sound carrying through the building, as well as making it easier to heat/cool.

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