Other arguments, information etc.

Arguments for and against Free Software (Open Source Software) are many and varied, and I couldn't discuss or cover them all in a brief talk. Here are some more arguments for Free Software.


Free Software won't spy on you (e.g. Windows 10 etc.), and it can't be turned off (e.g. Amateur radio fans drop the ham-mer on HRD's license key 'blacklist').


A lot of Free Software is simply better than non-Free alternatives. For example, most good website systems are Free, these include Wordpress and MediaWiki.

Digital preservation

Digital preservation is a often talked about subject in some libraries today. How are we going to ensure that the files and archives created today will be usable in the future? The solution is invariably going to include open formats. However, Free Software should also play a part, as having the source code the software means that it can be recompiled for new systems into the future. It can more easily be modified to ensure it will work on future systems.

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