Guidelines for Breaking the Law


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I bet everyone of you have broken at least one law in your life. Be it jay walking on some deserted street at 4 am on a Wednesday or partaking of marijuana or even drinking alcohol under age. Most of you will not have been arrested for these or any other crimes, let alone taken to court and convicted.

In today's society it is hard not to break at least some minor laws, even if you don't mean to. This document is for those among you who wish to commit bigger and more "serious" offences. I set out some guidelines for how to go about breaking the law, they only really apply until you get caught, afterwards, get a lawyer.

Have a reason.

If you need any reason to break the law, just consider how just the law is. It has been said that, if the government imprisons un-justly, the true place for a just man is a prison. Consider also how much say you had in the making of the law. Did you actually consent to put yourself under the government in the first place? Please remember that civil disobedience is breaking the law as well.

Don't tell anyone, before, during or after the event.

If you must tell someone, don't. This applies to media especially. Note: this doesn't apply to your accomplices, though even then you must be careful.

Don't return to the scene of the crime.

As much as you may wish to look over whatever damage you have done, or chaos you have caused, this is a no no. Wait until it gets on the news or something. The cops are going to be hanging around, if not them, then nosy neighbours or private guards.

Don't break any law except that which you set out to break.

It would be pretty stupid if you were nabbed for having faulty break lights or for speeding after you just pulled off a successful bank robbery. If you follow this guideline and you do get nabbed, you only get charged with one offence.

Do be as anonymous as possible.

This helps to prevent you from being caught, if there are CCTVs or the like, well it helps to foil them as well.

Do accept that you may get caught.

Even if you don't break any laws you run the risk of being arrested for doing so. So if you do break laws, well you have got a bigger risk of being arrested. Make sure you can ring a lawyer and another person as well.

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