I am available for consultancy and freelancing work.

As a qualified information professional, I am able to assist you with a variety of different information and technical needs. This includes, but is not limited to, building or renewing/renovating websites, various types of editing, controlled vocabulary/thesaurus creation, cataloguing and metadata, research, and much more. I offer professional and discrete service with expert care.

If you think I'll be perfect for your job, please email me with details.


My consultancy fees starts at sixty (60) Australian dollars an hour (plus expenses, if they are not minor, to be discussed in advance). I may also accept other currencies (e.g. Euro or Yen). We shall discuss your needs and agree a fee before work commences.


All communication is kept confidential, and I ensure your material is safe by using state-of-the-art encryption and by making backups. I am also more than happy to use encrypted email (or another encrypted system, such as Off-the-Record Messaging) to ensure extra safety at all stages.

Get in touch

If you need any advice or skills in any of the areas mentioned above, or in another area you suspect I would be good at, please get in touch.

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